Diamond Certification

Diamond Certification is a detailed diamond quality report issued by an accredited independent gemological laboratory. The most recognized gemological laboratories that provide certified quality reports to the diamond and jewelry are listed below.

  • G.I.A – Gemological Institue Of America
  • E.G.L – European Gemological Laboratory
  • I.G.I – International Gemological Institue
  • A.G.S – American Gem Society

All Certified diamond reports provide this information:

Description, Shape and Cut, Weight, Measurements, Depth Percentage, Table Percentage, Crown Angle, Pavilion Angle, Culet Size, Girdle Thickness, Polish, Symmetry, Clarity Grade, Color Grade, Fluorescence, Comments about Diamond, Plot of Internal and External Inclusions.

Farid Saatchi The owner and president of SAATCHI JEWELRY & Diamond is a graduated gemologist from Gemologist Institute of America (GIA) since 1982. Farid Saatchi after 35 years self experiences and more than 10 generation family jewelry business is one of the best source to appraise diamonds, color gems and jewelry. He appraised millions of valuable fine jewelry and Loose diamond.

He is honest and expert. He knows everything about the diamond and diamond is his passion. SAATCHI JEWELRY manufacturer of fine jewels and brand name watches for over 10 generation proud to announces that served millions customers around the world.
SAATCHI JEWELRY located in 27001 La Paz Rd #166, Mission Viejo, California.

G.I.A Example Report Certificate
Saatchi Diamond

Diamond Grading Chart
Saatchi Diamond

G.I.A Color Grade Scale
Saatchi Diamond


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